Pre-Admission Testing

Patient Safety & Personalized Care

100% of our patients meet with our Pre-Admission Testing Nurse prior to surgery. The goal of our pre-admission testing department is to optimize patient safety and provide personalized care. Our pre-admission testing nurse, working under the direct supervision of one of our board-certified anesthesiologist, will assess your needs prior to surgery.

Pre-admission testing is generally done at least 7 days prior to any scheduled surgery at Omega. A member of our scheduling department will call you to schedule your appointment.

What to bring to your appointment

In preparation for your pre-admission testing appointment, please make a list of the medications with dosages that you are currently taking. We ask that you include any over-the-counter medications and herbal medicines on your list, as well as any allergies you have. Your regular medications may be taken on the day of your pre-admission testing appointment.

What to expect

During your appointment, the nurse will obtain an in-depth health history from you, perform any lab work, and coordinate any testing that may need to be completed by the Radiology Department. For your convenience, all testing and labs are done in our on-site laboratory.

Radiology Services

RadioloFor your convenience, all of our radiology services are performed on site. Our radiology department is equipped with C-Arm Units, X-Ray machines, a CT scanner, and ultrasound machines to meet every patient’s needs. Our radiology staff is accessible 24/7 to ensure patient safety.