Why Physicians Choose Omega Hospital

At Omega Hospital, we believe great health care starts with providing physicians the timely support they need to optimize clinical outcomes. That’s why we have modeled our organization to integrate with the practice requirements of our surgeons. Below are just of the few commitments we make to the practitioners who choose to operate at Omega:

  • Flexible, same-week scheduling vs. block scheduling
  • Promotion via social media and online channels, as well as sponsored thought leadership events to acquire new patients
  • Dedicated care team that understands your practice and serves as an extension of your primary care team
  • Exceptional care and patient experience leading to patient satisfaction and referrals for your practice

If you’re interested in operating at Omega, or learning more about the services that we provide for our physicians, call (504) 832-4200 or email info@omegahospital.com.

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