Personalized Care: Minimizing the Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

Omega Hospital is Committed to Personalized Care

When it comes to measurements in a hospital setting, one of the most important is the nurse-to-patient ratio—a key benchmark that influences the quality of care patients receive. A decrease in the ratio results in greater nursing attention and support, increasing the likelihood for improved clinical outcomes. Despite the importance of this ratio and obvious benefits of keeping it low, it remains a key concern for larger hospitals, which must increase capacity and fill beds to stay profitable.

At Omega Hospital, we maintain one of the lowest nurse-to-patient ratios in the industry. Our ability to sustain this measure comes from the foundational design of our organization, which emphasizes quality over quantity. Our relatively small number of luxury patient rooms—16—means we can optimize the balance between the demand for and supply of care. It also allows us to ensure patients only receive treatment from registered nurses, who maintain more rigorous education and credentialing requirements than medical assistants or licensed practical nurses.

image of a patient room at Omega Hospital

One of 16 patient luxury rooms at Omega Hospital


Importantly, our low nurse-to-patient ratio also offers key benefits to physicians who choose to operate at our facility. The low ratio means our care team can offer increased personalized attention and support to surgeons. This includes understanding their unique practice needs and preferred method of operating. Ultimately, it enables our staff to serve as an extension of each physician’s primary care team, ensuring a seamless transition across the continuum of care.

image of a registered nurse at Omega Hospital

Registered Nurse at Omega Hospital

At Omega Hospital, our emphasis on quality does not result in greater cost to patients. The expense of undergoing a procedure at our facility is competitive with larger hospital systems. Our commitment to delivering an outstanding patient experience encompasses both clinical and financial outcomes, and underscores why Omega Hospital remains a preferred destination for many patients and physicians in Greater New Orleans.

If you are scheduled for a procedure at our facility, have questions, or would like to speak with a member of our friendly staff, call 800-535-4177 or 504-832-4200, email, or visit this page.

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