Paige Landry, RN, Quality Manager

Image of Paige Landry, RN, who works as Quality Manager at Omega Hospital

Why is Quality Assurance so important to Omega?

Quality management is essential to maintaining our hospital’s ability to provide excellent care. Each year, our hospital sets goals and performance measures that focus on meeting the highest standards of patient care. Quality management’s role is to synthesize those goals and measures and operationalize them through education and awareness. So, we educate staff on the importance of meeting our objectives and give them resources to adopt the best practices needed to do so. At the same time, we also provide education and resources that focus more broadly on organizational policies and procedures. Beyond this, we work with leadership to maintain standards and meet our ongoing accreditation requirements.

How does your department ensure that quality management is a priority for all departments and employees?

We lead a cross-functional committee that ensures ongoing improvement across all departments. It’s called the Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) committee, and it’s focused on evaluating processes and developing, monitoring, and executing recommendations. QAPI is comprised of staff from every department, ensuring that there is total representation and at least one person in each department to advocate for and drive awareness of our initiatives.

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