Matthew Pitts, Purchasing Manager

Why is Purchasing so important to Omega?

Purchasing, the department in charge of procuring supplies and resources for the hospital, is crucial to the health of our patients. Our department is responsible for ensuring our patients and caregivers have the supplies they need. And while this may seem straightforward, purchasing is a complex, often challenging function for any healthcare system. The availability of medical supplies fluctuates and without proper planning and networking, organizations run the risk of not having essential medical supplies.

How do you overcome unforeseen challenges as it relates to purchasing supplies?

Effective purchasing requires extensive knowledge of how to manage supply inventory. I lean on my many years of experience working in this department to know how to maintain adequate inventory given supply and demand. At the same time, effective purchasing is about managing relationships with suppliers. At Omega, we’ve managed to identify and develop great working relationships with a network of reliable suppliers who can provide us the resources we need. We have also developed safety-net relationships with local surgery centers and hospitals in case we run into any unforeseen circumstances and can’t rely on our suppliers.

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