January Physician Spotlight: Dr. Nelson Mead, MD, MBA

Image of Dr. Nelson Mead, a physician who operates at Omega Hospital

This month, Omega Hospital is recognizing Dr. Nelson Mead, a leading orthopedic surgeon in Louisiana who specializes in sports medicine. Dr. Mead brings incredible expertise and experience that we are proud to recognize. Recently, we sat down with him to learn more about his unique background.

What surgeries do you specialize in and commonly perform?

I specialize in a variety. They include hip arthroscopy for labral repairs and femoral acetabular impingement; cartilage restoration; UCL repair and Tommy John’s surgery in the elbow; ACL reconstructions; meniscal treatment; and meniscal transplant. I also specialize in treatment for shoulder instability, overhead throwing shoulder, and rotator-cuff repair.

What makes these procedures so unique and important for our region?

They are not performed regularly, which creates a lack of awareness—in terms of when the procedures should be performed and on whom, as well as the recent advancements that have optimized their efficacy. It also creates a problem of access, since patients who need and would benefit from these procedures must travel out of state to receive treatment. Since I specialize in this area, I am helping solve the problem of access. I’m also working to create better awareness about the pathologies and patients who benefit from orthopedic sports medicine. The latter is challenging, given the relative lack of patient education in this area compared with other parts of the country.

Where do you practice? Are you accepting new patients?

I practice at Crescent City Orthopedics in Metairie. And yes, I am accepting new patients. I encourage anyone needing a consultation to call us at 504-233-0986 or visit our website (www.crescentcityortho.com).

When it comes to orthopedic medicine, you have substantial credentials. Can you talk more about your experience?

I have had the great fortune of learning from the top institutions, practitioners, and programs when it comes to orthopedic surgery.

I attended and graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine and remained there for my orthopedic surgery residency. It was during my time at Tulane that I had the opportunity to study under Dr. Felix Savoie, who is the among the leading experts in arthroscopy, as well as shoulder and elbow surgery.

I also completed the Orthopedic Surgery Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic.

People in our region may not know about the significance of your fellowship or Kerlan-Jobe. Yet both are considered among the best in the world when it comes to orthopedic sports medicine. What was particularly notable about your experience there?

Kerlan-Jobe afforded me the unique opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading experts in the treatment of sports-related injuries and conditions. I was fortunate to spend time under the guidance and direction of Dr. Neal ElAttrache. Dr. ElAttrache serves as the head team physician for the Los Angeles Rams football team and the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.

Kerlan-Jobe attracts the most elite athletes in the world for treatment. And because of this, it provided me the opportunity to work with some of the most recognized and distinguished athletes across a variety of sports. It also provided me expertise and experience applying the most advanced treatments and sophisticated technology in sports medicine, which I continue to use in my practice today.

If my patients know about Kerlan-Jobe, it’s because it employs Dr. Steven Shin, who operated on Drew Brees for his recent thumb injury. Outside of that connection, most people from our area don’t know about the hospital. Yet globally speaking, Kerlan-Jobe is seen as the pinnacle and standard of sports medicine. In fact, the hospital invented Tommy John’s surgery.

Kerlan-Jobe was a great experience. In addition to treating the most elite athletes from around the world, I also treated many professional athletes and sports teams based in Los Angeles. This included the LA Dodgers, LA Kings, LA Sparks, LA Temptation, Anaheim Ducks, and University of Southern California football team.

You currently perform procedures at Omega Hospital. Can you talk about why you value practicing here?

I choose to operate at Omega for three important reasons. The first is the experience afforded to my patients. They share only positive feedback about their stay at your hospital, whether it’s the personalized attention and support they receive, excellent care, or overall comfort and convenience. I have patients who regularly compare staying at your hospital to visiting a spa. As a busy practitioner, I also appreciate the level of support I receive from your staff, especially their efficiency and effectiveness. And last, I choose Omega because of how accommodating you are with flexible scheduling. It allows me to schedule cases whenever needed, which enables my patients to get timely treatment.

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