Inpatient Procedures at Omega Hospital

Omega Hospital is committed to optimizing the surgical experience

Image of a patient room at Omega Hospital

Luxury patient rooms at Omega Hospital

Omega Hospital is committed to optimizing the patient experience. For inpatient procedures—those requiring an overnight stay—this translates into several key offerings, which distinguishes our organization from other surgical hospitals. This includes luxury accommodations, professional catering, and total RN care. While our approach optimizes the patient experience, it does not result in additional expense. Procedures at Omega Hospital remain competitive with other hospitals in the greater New Orleans area and the Gulf South region.

Luxury Accommodations

Our 16 patient rooms reflect the accommodations of a high-end luxury hotel. Spacious and thoughtfully designed, every room features a big screen TV, microwave oven, and mini fridge. Additionally, each room features a Murphy bed to allow a friend or family member to stay with patients overnight. These luxury accommodations ensure patients feel comfortable during their stay with us, which expedites and improves the healing process.

Professional Catering

Balanced and nutritious meals also play an important role in the recovery process, which is why we make it a priority. We provide all inpatients with professional catering that reflects their dietary preferences, recognizing the physical and psychological benefits of excellent nutrition. Before procedures, a dietician prepares a menu from which patients can choose.

Total RN Care

At Omega Hospital, we recognize the importance of nursing in ensuring the best health outcomes. For this reason, we employ a nursing staff comprised almost entirely of registered nurses (RN), because these individuals must meet more rigorous educational and credentialing requirements than licensed practical nurses (LPN) and medical assistants (MA). We also assign a dedicated care team to every patient during his or her stay. Because we maintain among the lowest nurse-to-patient ratios in the region, we ensure that our patients receive care and attention from the same nursing staff, so they always know their care providers.

At Omega, we recognize that the experience matters and plays an important role in the healing process. Ample evidence suggests that a quality patient experience translates into better clinical outcomes, which is why it represents a vital focus and commitment of ours. Undergoing any surgery naturally creates anxiety, uncertainty, and discomfort. That is why we are fully invested in minimizing the physical, emotional, and psychological burden of experiencing a procedure.

If you are scheduled for a procedure at our facility, have questions, or would like to speak with a member of our friendly staff, call 800-535-4177 or 504-832-4200, email, or visit

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