About Omega Hospital

Why should you choose us?

With the various healthcare options available to you, it may seem difficult to choose one facility over another. To us, the choice is simple. There are numerous reasons to choose Omega for your surgical needs.


We are committed to patient focused care.

At Omega, our team of experts are here to provide personalized care to each patient that comes to our facility for treatment. Unlike most medical facilities, we provide a low nurse-to-patient ratio to ensure all of our patients needs are met. Depending on the procedure performed, some patients will receive one-on-one care throughout their stay. You will not have to wait for 30 minutes for your nurse to tend to you. Your nurse will always be within a few feet, waiting to assist you at all times.

We provide a luxurious, calming environment.

We focus on creating a luxurious, calming environment because we care about your surgical experience. Larger medical facilities have hundreds of beds, Omega offers 16 private suites. Our patient suites were designed to maximize comfort. Each suite features the amenities of a high-end hotel, such as flat screen TVs, a mini-bar, and a microwave. A murphy bed is also available in each room to accommodate a loved one spending the night.

We are an accredited hospital.

Omega Hospital is accredited by DNV’s Hospital Accreditation program. This accreditation recognizes that our hospitals meet the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid standards as well as ISO 9001 Standards for the formation and implementation of a quality management system. In order to remain accredited by DNV, Omega must adhere to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards and the National Integrated Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (NIAHO) standards. Compliance with DNV, NIAHO, and ISO 9001 guarantees that Omega is providing a safe environment and better care to our patients.

Competent professionals.

Omega has a very low turn-over rate. About 80% of our full-time staff have worked at Omega for over ten years. Our staff are experts at caring for patients. They are highly-trained in all of the procedures performed by our surgeons, so you can rest-easy, knowing you are being taken well care of.

Safety is our top priority.

To ensure a safe surgical experience, 100% of our patients are required to complete pre-admission testing prior to surgery. Our Pre-Admission testing nurse works under the direction of our board-certified anesthesiologist to ensure patients are properly screened prior to surgery. We want our physicians to be informed of any health concerns prior to operating. During your appointment, our pre-admission nurse will obtain an in-depth health history from you, perform any lab work, and coordinate any testing that may need to be completed by the Radiology Department.

Paige Landry

To learn more about our pre-admission testing, please contact our Pre-Admission Testing Nurse.

Paige Landry RN, BSN
Pre-Admission Testing RN
504-832-4200 ext. 1004

We have an extremely low infection rate.

At Omega, you will not be exposed to the dangerous infections that are common at larger hospitals. We maintain a very clean environment which has drastically contributed to our extremely low infection rate. Every patient suite and operating suite is terminally cleaned between each patient. We uphold the highest standards of cleanliness to ensure your safety. Our dedicated Infection Prevention Nurse is committed to combating infectious diseases before they spread. She is certified by the Association for Professionals in Infection Prevention Control and Epidemiology (APIC). She also stays abreast on CDC, CMS, and DNV regulations to ensure Omega Hospital is utilizing all infection prevention measures.