Omega Hospital

Almost every day, we receive warm, wonderful letters of thanks from former patients, their families and friends. We thank them for taking the time to praise our staff for the excellent care they received, for telling us about their recovery and for sharing their "Omega Hospital Experience" with us, which we in turn share with you here.

"The staff is patient courteous and pleasant. My stay at Omega was really nice. The staff and accommodations were well beyond my expectations. Thank you, everything was wonderful."


"Best hospital I have ever stayed in!"


"Outstanding and courteous, care and service made our hospital stay a pleasure."


"Beautiful surroundings only surpassed by caring and skilled staff, Thank you P.S. Thanks for the gifts and fresh flowers"


"All the doctors and staff are excellent. I will recommend them to any friend if needed."


"This is a unique hospital that offers exceptional service and patient care. We have never had such holistic care with equal emphasis on the details as well as the treatment. The absence of overburdening bureaucracy has really made a difference and allowed the staff to focus on personalized service and care. Thanks!"


"Mom said this is a happy hospital with a caring staff, and very clean environment."