Omega Hospital

At the Omega Breast Center, we know that breast cancer affects more than just the body — it causes mental and emotional stress that can take a serious toll. In our quest to provide the best care available, we treat women holistically, with an integrative approach that includes pre- and post-care services in an intimate setting.

Whether by phone or in person, Omega takes the time to speak with our patients in-depth about their treatment plans, recovery and well-being. Our integrative services include acupuncture; massage therapy the day before surgery; and a one-on-one consultation with our in-house nutritionist, Julie Fortenberry, who discusses healthy eating and how to take care of yourself through nutrition as you recuperate.These services are unique to Omega, and we think you’ll find they make a world of difference.

Also, patients who have undergone autologous reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy say their new breasts look and feel just as the old ones did. In comparison to implant reconstruction, there is usually no need for multiple revisions and future implant replacement surgery. Whenever possible, Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (NSM) – where the nipple and breast skin are preserved during the mastectomy – should be performed as the aesthetic outcome from the mastectomy combined with reconstruction is superior.

Your best option for breast reconstructive surgery is highly dependent upon your body and specific needs. During your consultation, our surgeons will discuss the options that are best suited to you. The most popular option used in breast reconstruction is known as the perforator flap breast reconstruction in which the breasts are rebuilt using existing fatty tissue from another part of your body – usually the abdomen, thighs or buttock area.

While reconstructive patients certainly have options, not all patients are good candidates for each of the procedures listed. Contact us to schedule a visit with one of our doctors to discuss your options and find the procedure that is right for you.