Breast Reconstruction at Omega

Breast Reconstruction

The NOLA Group for the Advancement of Breast Reconstruction at Omega Hospital LLC

At Omega Hospital, doctors and nurses are inspired to provide healthcare to women that achieves what others can only imagine. Our mission is to provide complete care for women under one roof. Patients can come to the Breast Center for their doctor’s consultations, diagnostic testing, and operative procedures. We have highly trained breast reconstruction surgeons with decades of experience who are valuable resources for women who seek the most advanced methods of breast reconstruction. We offer state-of-the-art breast reconstruction surgery, and we are attentive to the comfort of our patients throughout their treatment.

We pride ourselves on catering to our patients. For women flying in from out of town, Omega assists with all transportation and lodging. We send a luxury sedan to the airport to greet our patients. We have special rates at several surrounding area hotels in a variety of prices ranges. Patients who come to our hospital for diagnostic testing are provided with a comfortable terry cloth robe. We have a beautifully appointed patient waiting room where patients are encouraged to relax, and which we keep well-stocked with coffee, juice, pastries and finger sandwiches.

Our first-class facility includes a 16-bed hospital with a separate hospital wing that is dedicated exclusively to our breast reconstruction patients. Fresh flowers are placed in every patient’s room prior to her arrival. Each patient receives complimentary monogrammed scrubs, a robe, and a special gift from Earthsavers. Our patient rooms are designed to look more like a luxury hotel room than a hospital room. Room amenities include a microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, flat-screen television, DVD player, and wireless internet. One of the best-loved features of our patient rooms is the pull-down Murphy bed that allows family members to stay overnight with a patient while she recuperates in the hospital.

At Omega Hospital, we do our best to make your breast reconstruction surgery a special experience for women. It takes a unique team of doctors and nurses to understand our philosophy and to administer the highest level of attentiveness to our patients. At Omega Hospital, we are united in our vision, because for us, patient care, comfort and privacy are always paramount.

Our Surgeons

Omega Hospital stands at the forefront of breast cancer and breast reconstruction care, offering top-notch healthcare in an intimate and often luxurious atmosphere. World-class surgeons at Omega Hospital are leaders in breast reconstruction and breast conserving procedures, giving women more options than ever before. Doctors Ali Sadeghi & Robert Allen share an interest in advancing the quality of breast reconstruction and are experts in the revolutionary DIEP flap procedure, a procedure that reconstructs one’s breast from the abdominal fat. Also known as the "Tummy Tuck" flap, this procedure removes excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen. The DIEP flap operation differs from procedures of the past in that no muscle is removed, allowing for both a quicker recovery time and maintenance of core strength.

Drs. Allen and Sadeghi also perform the PAP and GAP procedures, which take skin and fat from the back of the thigh, under the buttock crease (PAP), or fat and skin are taken directly from the buttock (GAP). Operating under the belief that reconstruction is part microsurgery and part cosmetic surgery, Drs. Sadeghi and Allen work to make sure each breast is as natural as possible, and DIEP flap recipients have the added benefit of receiving new breasts and a tummy tuck simultaneously.

As a newly pioneered technique, fat grafting to the breast for rejuvenation and reconstruction is a procedure offered by Doctor Ali Sadeghi. This procedure is usually performed as an outpatient basis with the added benefit of removal of unwanted fat and rapid recovery.