Omega Hospital

Breast Reconstruction Surgeons

Omega Hospital strives to centralize the medical skills of some of the nation's leading breast reconstructive surgeons. Our Omega Breast Center group includes physicians who all share an interest in advancing the quality of breast reconstruction. Although the surgeons received their education and medical training at various respected institution throughout the country, most of them have already established a professional connection with New Orleans.

Dr. Robert Allen


Robert J. Allen, M.D., is the pioneer of the muscle sparing DIEP/SIEA/S-GAP/I-GAP perforator flaps and a founder of The Center for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction and the Group for the Advancement of Breast Reconstruction.

As a plastic surgeon, he has an interest in autogenous breast reconstruction and microsurgery. He believes that all women have the chance to keep their muscles and still have natural breasts after breast cancer. Dr. Allen has limited his practice to microsurgical breast reconstruction for the past ten years.

Dr. Allen received a medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. He then went on to residency at Louisiana State University in general and plastic surgery. After completion of general and plastic surgery training in Louisiana, he moved to New York City for a one-year fellowship in microsurgery at New York University Medical Center. He is Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at NYU Medical Center, Medical University of South Carolina, and LSU Health Sciences Center.


Phone #: 1-888-890-3437

Dr. Ali Sadeghi


Dr. Sadeghi is a board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Touro Infirmary in Uptown New Orleans. He offers a full complement of aesthetic services, both surgical and non-surgical, to ensure his aesthetic patients always get the results they desire.

With leading-edge techniques, Dr. Sadeghi provides naturally beautiful results in facial, breast and body contouring procedures.

Specializing in the latest microsurgical techniques in breast reconstruction, Dr. Sadeghi helps post-mastectomy and breast cancer patients feel and look their best.

Dr. Sadeghi is experienced in all aspects of primary and revision breast enhancement and rejuvenation, as well as body contouring and facial rejuvenation.


Phone #: 504-210-3831