Omega Hospital

Breast Reconstruction Mentorship Program

Being diagnosed with cancer is overwhelming. Even if you have loved ones by your side on your cancer journey, the companionship of a fellow survivor who can mentor and support you is invaluable.

Omega Hospital offers a peer-support breast reconstruction mentorship program free of charge to all of our patients. Through our program, any woman with breast cancer who is considering breast reconstruction surgery post-mastectomy has the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Vicki Brannigan.

Vicki is a peri-operative registered nurse who knows firsthand the stress and anxiety of a cancer diagnosis. She offers emotional and informational support to women as they decide on the best options for their reconstructive surgery.

Omega Breast Center has developed printed information to assist patients and loved ones in understanding how breast reconstruction is used to restore the appearance of the breast.

For more information on the Breast Reconstruction Mentorship Program, contact Vicki Brannigan, RN, at the Omega Breast Center.